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Crissy Moran is of English, Irish and Polynesian descent. She started her porn career in 1999, posing nude for websites and magazines like Hustler. She then started her own website featuring softcore images and eventually performed in more than 30 adult movies.

Leaving porn
On October 6, 2006[2], Crissy Moran announced that she had become a Christian and was leaving the adult business.[3]Moran states on her MySpace page that she is attempting to have her photos removed from pornographic websites. Her popularity as one of the most in-demand porn stars continues, nonetheless.[4]

In May 2008 Crissy began shooting a short film called "Oversold" in which she plays the leading role. Oversold is a modern day adaptation of the Hosea story found in the Old Testament in which God tells the prophet Hosea to marry a prostitute. Oversold is essentially the same story just put in a modern context. In this case, the prophet is a pastor and the prostitute is a stripper from Las Vegas. This movie will premiere in Tempe, AZ October 18, 2008.

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