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Bree Andre
answering questions:

1.Why do women wear green or blue toenail polish? It looks like fungus.
Mac Francis
Spokane, Washington

Sparkly blue nail polish! Not me! The more violently colored and metallic it is, the better, in my book. I only wear it on my toenails, so unless it's summer, the color of my toenails is my own little secret. Good thing, too, since until yesterday they were a vivid metallic Barbie pink. My all-time favorite color is silver chrome metallic. It looks great on my little tan toes. I love a sexy pair of heels and well-manicured toes. It makes the whole outfit, if you ask me.

2.Why do women with muffin tops (flesh spilling out over their jeans) wear shirts that are too small (short) for them?
Kelly Cappa
Somerset, Kentuck

I have to fess up and say I have never heard of a muffin top until now. That is hilarious! I think women do this because they feel that they have to keep up with trends and style. Thank God longer shirts and tanks are in right now. I think women should wear what makes them look their best. I hope I never have a muffin top. I know sometimes I do sport a plumber's butt with all the low-rise jeans I wear. Now, let me ask, is that sexy?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Bree! Dusty--sat next to you in 8th grade and then in high school typing class...then you became a tropicana girl or something in Hilton Head, right? Is this the same Bree? Had no idea you were a famous model by now--I even saw you as bree 3 in my four wheel drive mag several years ago and didn't put two and two together until two years later (now). How you doing? :) I always loved your hair and your smile!!! DLG