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Adriana Sage, an exotic Mexican beauty from San Diego

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ADRIANA SAGE MODFX MODELMeet Adriana Sage, an exotic Mexican beauty from San Diego, California. She began her modeling career as an exotic dancer in Riverside, California where someone scouted her and got her into doing some adult work. She's since enjoyed a long career in modeling, and in fact, describes herself as an exhibitionist. Learn all about Adriana in her modFX interview below.

Hi Adriana, tell us about yourself!
Hello everybody. My name is Adriana Sage. I was born in Mexico but I grew up in San Diego. I was born in April, which makes me an Aries.

How did you get your start in modeling?
When I first graduated from high school, I moved into my own place with a couple of roommates. One of my neighbors in my apartment complex was a dancer. She had me check out the strip club where she worked, and with her encouragement, I decided to get into it since I needed the money at that point. From there, I realized I really like showing off my body. That's how I got into doing nude photos, and things just went from there.

So you must have been already comfortable being nude.
Definitely. Before I got into nude modeling, I would model for my boyfriends back in the day. I was always an exhibitionist.

What do your friends and family think?
I guess they're not too shocked that I got into this because everyone knows me as the wild one. I like to have fun with my girlfriends and I can get pretty crazy with them.

So have you ever kissed a girl before?
Oh yes, many girls!

Do you like kissing girls or guys better?
I'd have to say I like kissing girls more because it's a lot more sensual and soft.

Are you wild and crazy in bed?
Well, everybody defines crazy in their own way. I guess you can say I am.

Name something that you can't live without.
I need my vibrator. I have to have it. Nobody can top that... haha..

What is your favorite part of your body?
My favorite part would be my butt. I get a lot of compliments on my booty.

What makes you feel sexy?
When I start getting dressed up, putting up makeup, it just triggers some sexual feeling inside me and that gets me in the mood. And then I start getting horny... hahah

So you're a web designer.
Haha! I dabble a little bit. I started editing my own photos because I wanted people to see me as I see myself. From there I started learning HTML. Hopefully soon I'll learn to edit videos.

What do you look for in a guy?
I look for intelligence. I'm intrigued with men that I can have a good conversation with. He would have to have a sense of humor and not take things too seriously.

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