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Colleen Shannon
She was a playmate in 2004 though? She is Hot, sexy and oh delicious. Where the hell was I in 2004? Well it’s a good thing I came across her Myspace Profile otherwise I wouldn’t forgive myself had it gone another 3 years before seeing her. You know why I like DJ’s so much? Call me sexist but I just can’t stand watching women’s sports. Maybe women’s tennis. I like that. But overall the quality of play just isn’t as good. It’s nothing against the women but why watch a woman score by a layup when I can watch a Kobe Bryant slam dunk over Yao Ming? These are plays women will NEVER make in basketball. Why watch a woman hit a 300 ft home run when I can watch a steroid pumped man hit a 500 ft blast? Point is, in the DJ world some of these women rival men with their skills, and they’re hot to boot. I respect that and want to be with Colleen really badly.

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Ben said...

WOW. nice baby :)) Colleen Shannon is my like baby on TV
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