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Flo Jalin & Christine Mendoza - washing car

FLO JALIN in bikini


FLO JALIN toplessIt's official folks. The moment everyone's been waiting for, and perhaps never thought would come -- Flo Jalin NUDE! For years you've seen her posing in swimsuits and lingerie without taking it all off. And if you were to ask her even a few months ago, shooting nudes was still out of the question for her. With all that taken into consideration, the very possiblity of seeing Flo take it all off is absolutely mind-blowing! So enjoy the moment.. because announcements like this don't happen very often.

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Learn more about Flo in her modFX interview below:

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hi, my name is Flo Jalin. I'm originally from Honolulu, Hawaii and I'm a Scorpio.

So the big question everyone's asking is... what made you decide to finally do nudes?
It was a slow evolutionary process. I actually never thought in my whole career, which is about 6 years of modeling, that I would ever do nudes. I started doing swimsuit contests and I was very successful in the bikini scene in Hawaii. So lots of swimsuit contests, and I won Miss Hawaiian Tropics. My family was so conservative that I never thought I'd take off all my clothes. But now that I've been modeling for so long, I really feel as if this is the next step, and I really wanted to have a website that was successful with a really good member's section. I just felt like it's time to show the world ME. I'm not ashamed of my body. I think I look better naked! So it's time for you guys to see it!

What do you enjoy most about modeling?
What I like about modeling most is the variety. I love the different things that I get to do. It's not just one thing all the time. It's always different. It could be a party that I'm getting painted at, an event that I'm seeing fans at, a fashion shoot or a shoot for my website. I'm always at a different place and it's always challenging and new.

So have you always wanted to be a model?
When I was younger, I was in college and I wasn't comfortable with my body and I never thought I could be a model. I never looked at myself in the mirror and thought, I can be a model someday. In fact, I used to never wear makeup. I went through a hippie phase where I was a granola girl. I was a naturalist. I would recycle everything. I even purchased recycled toilet paper, how gross is that! Well, I made friends with Miss Hawaii International. I used to really admire her because I thought she was so beautiful. Little did I know, she thought that of me too. She was making a calendar one year and she asked me to be in the calendar. For months, I said no way and refused to be in the calendar. Well one day, she tricked me. She told me to come to a shoot and just hang out with her and lay out. I had my swimsuit on, and the photographer there snapped a few shots of me for fun. When the photos were developed and I saw them, the first thing I thought was 'Oh my god, that's me! I'm beautiful!' I kept those pictures in my purse and I showed everyone, I was so excited about them. And from that day forth, I knew I was going to be a model, that it was my destiny.

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