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Guzman Twins

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Guzman Twins

Let's start by telling us both of your names and where you're from.
My name is Christina, and I'm Crystal. We are the Guzman Twins from Yorba Linda, CA.

What is your ethnicity?
We're Mexican. 100 percent Latinas!

How did you get your start in modeling?
We always had a passion for modeling. We started in February 2008.

What are your future goals in modeling?
We want to take it as far as possible. We work hard and we're committed. We really want to be in Maxim magazine. Eventually we want to become spokesmodels, be in videos and hosting shows.

Tell us about where you grew up?
We grew up in Santa Ana near Costa Mesa. We loved our friends there...great community.

What kind of girls were you in high school?
We were always up to something. We had a lot of friends, we got along with everybody.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
We hit the gym...we're into fitness! Family is important to us so we spend a lot of time with them. We also go out with friends as well.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
We see ourselves out there definitely hosting a TV show. Most likely anything in the entertainment field.

What kind of music do you like?
We like everything. House, hip hop, and being Latin, salsa and meringue.

Where's one place you'd like to visit?
We like to go to Jamaica, Brazil, and Italy. Anywhere in the tropics is wonderful.

What would be your favorite food?
We love sushi. But of course we love Mexican food!

What is the most favorite part of your body and the least favorite?
Our favorite is our eyes. A lot of people tell us they like our eye color. Our least between us is thighs and butt. We want to work them more.

What's your biggest turn on and turn off in a guy?
We love confidence but not too cocky. Our turn off is being too needy.

Are you currently single?
We're single. We believe that when it comes it comes.

What type of guys do you go for?
We don't really have a type. As long as they have charm and charisma.

Does size matter?
Duh...size does matter!

What would you do to put your man in the mood?
Sexy lingerie and cooking for them.

What puts you in the mood?'s very powerful.

What would be the kinkiest thing you ever done?
(Christina) Skinny dipping at 2am at a pool. (Crystal) Nothing for me yet.

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