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Jessica Burciaga - I dream of Jessie

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Jessica Burciaga
hot sexy jessica burciaga

I dream of Jessie

Jessica Burciaga is as American as apple pie...sort of. This melting pot of beauty hails from Cali, where the sun and sand reign. She spends her lazy days on the beach, and her crazy nights in the clubs, dancing like a queen atop her throne. Girls just want to have fun, and apparently, Jessica has only just begun. At ease, soldier.

2nr: Jessica, you are the hardest girl to track down! I think I should become a P.I. or something, 'cause seriously, this was hard work...
JB: I know I'm sorry! I was in Hawaii and then Vegas, and then my phone almost died...
2nr: You seem to be a very busy girl. That or you were just trying to avoid me. Anyway, how did you get so damn busy?
JB: It's all thanks to my brother Blake!! [laughs] Really! He subscribed to Stuff Magazine at the time and they were holding a contest for local models. I figured I'd give it a shot, but since I had no experience whatsoever, I wasn't expecting a response. We sent in a few pictures and about a month later they called wanting to fly me to New York to shoot their "Neighborhood Knockout" section. I had a full-page feature in the August 2005 issue and later went on to win the contest. I had a four-page spread in March of 2006!

I dream of Jessie

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