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sexy mini bikiniOnly heaven could have sent down a beauty like this one! Meet Playboy model Sandee Westgate. She's a beautiful mix of Italian, Cherokee, and French heritage. Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Sandee moved to Los Angeles to pursue her modeling career. Since then, she has gained widespread popularity, most notably from her appearances in countless issues of Playboy Magazine. Learn more about Sandee in her modFX interview below.

Hi Sandee, tell us about yourself!
My name is Sandra Marie Westgate, and I was born in Roseville, California on May 5, 1979.

What is your nationality?
I'm half Italian, Cherokee Indian, and French.

What kind of music do you like?
A little bit of everything.... from trance and techno to Classical. Enigma, Sade, Limp Bizkit, Lords of acid, Portishead, Deftones, Minister, Hooverphonic, Tool, Tricky, Dido, Chemical Brothers, Chemical Formula... to name a few!

Is it really you replying to the emails?
Yes it is! I spend several hours per day replying to emails!!

Favorite animal:
I love all animals! It's hard to narrow it down, but I would say dogs are my favorite.

Favorite hobbies:
My website is #1, baking, art, music, poetry, the ocean, animals, fast cars, computers, and shopping!!

Favorite passions:
Erotic art!! Sculptures, paintings, anything with the human body!

Place you would most like to visit:
Italy, to learn more about my heritage.

Favorite clothes to wear:
Lingerie!!! I love black!!

What do you sleep in?
Usually naked! If not naked, boxers and a sports bra!

What is your favorite restaurant, or romantic place?
Anything with dim lighting and candles puts me in the mood! Or cuddling up on the beach at night time.

What's the quickest way to your heart?
A genuine person who can make me laugh. Someone who is not close-minded. I love men who smell good and smile a lot! I love eye contact!!

Are you romantic? Do you like it when a man is romantic?
Oh.....yea!!! I'm a total romantic!! When a guy does something sweet for me in a romantic way... it makes me mush!!

What do you do when you are not working?
I love going out to a nice dinner and to the movies!! Spending time with my dog and cat, taking a bubble bath with candles lit all over, and spending time with loved ones. I love curling up on the couch and watching movies.

CJ GIBSON - cover girl for Modfx models

CJ GIBSON - Hot sexy cover girl for Modfx
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sexy hot toplessShe's playful, fun, and a bundle of energy. Meet bikini and fitness model CJ Gibson! This hottie comes to us from sunny Florida. You might also know her as the sister to November 2005 Playboy Playmate Raquel Gibson. Learn more about CJ in our modFX interview below.

Hi CJ, tell us about yourself!
Hi, my name is CJ Gibson. I'm from Clearwater Florida. My birthday is on November 30, and I'm 21 years old.

Have you been in Florida all your life?
Yeah, I've lived in Florida all my life. I really love the sunny weather out there.

Any plans to move out here to L.A.?
Maybe within the next 3 years, but not just yet. I get really homesick!

How did you get your start in modeling?
People always told me that I should get into modeling. So when I broke up with my boyfriend, I had free time and I did a test shoot with a photographer. He posted the pics on the Internet and from there it blew up!

What kind of modeling did you do?
I was doing swimsuit modeling and did a lot of swimsuit catalogs.

Any plans on posing nude?
Maybe sometime, you never know what crazy ideas I'll come up with in the future.

Where might we see you?
I've been in FHM, Muscle and Fitness, Muscle Magazine, and a lot of catalogs.

Do you work hard to stay in shape?
I try to run as often as I can, but it's not really that easy with all my traveling. So I actually don't work out that much.

We hear you have a sister that also models?
Yeah, her name is Raquel Gibson. Raquel's a year younger than me and she does the same thing I do. Right after I started modeling, I told her to do a photoshoot, so she shot, and next thing you know, she was out there and working too.

So what other things do you do aside from modeling?
I like to hang out at the beach, go clubbing, hang out with my friends, and I can't sing but I wish I could sing too!

What's your ethnic background?
I am half Filipino and half Italian. I can understand a little bit of Filipino, my mom was Filipino.

What do you look for in a guy?
Someone who can make me laugh, someone with a great personality, someone who's in shape, active, with goals, and a great family background. And definitely someone with as much energy as I have.

What's something that a guy can do to get your attention?
Sweet little gestures that nobody else has thought of. Not something as simple as roses or as expensive as gifts, but something more thoughtful and thought out, like a poem they wrote to me.

Would you say you're a wild and crazy girl?
I'm in the middle. I like to be calm during the week and crazy on the weekends.

Brie Anna - Hot sexy models

Brie Anna - Hot sexy model
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Abbie Ratay - hot sexy videos

Abbie Ratay - hot Asian models

Hot Abbie Ratay - nothing better than this hot sexy model from modfx than her videos. Laced with hip music and her hot sexy body - awsome.

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Here’s the lowdown on Asian model hottie Abbie Ratay. She’s a Korean model, works as a gogo dancer as well as bartending, goes out to party, and has been on a bunch of car shows and magazines. Sounds like a busy life to me! Make sure you scheduled some time in your calendar for me, Abbie! This video above features a hot Asian girl Abbie Ratay who sports a hot tattoo on her left midriff. You can tell this asian model definitely works out because she is fit as hell. Got those abs working for her and they're doing her real good.. they're like washboard abs. She also has another tattoo on the back of her hips. It's not a very big tattoo, it's actually an asian character. I love the ones when asian girls wear like a big fat design cuz it just means they want it real bad.

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Abbie Ratay
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Nikki Rockstar - modfx models cover girl

Nikki Rockstar

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Nikki Rockstar

Let's start by telling us your name and where you're from.
My name is Nikki Rockstar and I'm from Ontario, CA.

What is your ethnicity?
I'm Hispanic.

How did you get your start in modeling?
It actually happened through go go dancing. When I dance photographers would spot me, and they want to work with me.

How long have you been modeling now?
For 6 months now.

Did you always want to be a model?
I have ever since I remember. When I was little it was always my dream.

What are your future goals in modeling?
I'd eventually like to get into magazines. I want to get into anything and everything.

Tell us about where you grew up?
I grew up in Ontario, middle suburbia. I'm typical white-washed hispanic I guess you can say.

What kind of girl were you in high school?
Everyone would say that I'm popular, but I never thought I was. I guess you can say I was known.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to be at home, watch movies and cuddle. I'm a home body, so after working a lot, it's nice to just come home, chill, and relax with friends.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?
Hopefully still modeling and dancing. Dancing is one of my "loves", I've been doing it since I was five years old. I'm also a makeup artist, so it would be nice to pursue that and get into the industry.

If you were a guy for a day what would you do?
I just want to know what that "junk" in between your legs feel like! Haha!

What kind of music do you like?
I like all types of music...I'm very diverse. But my favorites are House music and Rock n Roll!

Where's one place you'd like to visit?
It would have to be Greece. It's a very historical and beautiful city.

What would be your favorite food?
Chili cheese fries and hamburgers. I love In n Out. I love Italian food as well.

What is the most favorite part of your body and the least favorite?
My favorite would be my boobs. And my least favorite would be my butt. I hate my butt! I can make it clap though! Haha!

What's your biggest turn on and turn off in a guy?
My biggest turn on would be that "V" on the lower abs that points to the crotch. That makes me go crazy! My turn off would be guys that are just dogs!

What guilty pleasure do you have?
It would have to be fast food.

Are you currently single?
No I'm not single.

What type of guys do you go for?
I would have to say tall, dark, and handsome. I'm not really into that whole "buff" thing. I like them more lean and cut.

Does size matter?
I don't think it does. It's the "motion in the ocean" like everyone says.

What puts you in a sexy mood?
Anything does! I'm a very sexual person

Guzman Twins - sexy models - TWINS!!

Guzman Twins

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Guzman Twins

Let's start by telling us both of your names and where you're from.
My name is Christina, and I'm Crystal. We are the Guzman Twins from Yorba Linda, CA.

What is your ethnicity?
We're Mexican. 100 percent Latinas!

How did you get your start in modeling?
We always had a passion for modeling. We started in February 2008.

What are your future goals in modeling?
We want to take it as far as possible. We work hard and we're committed. We really want to be in Maxim magazine. Eventually we want to become spokesmodels, be in videos and hosting shows.

Tell us about where you grew up?
We grew up in Santa Ana near Costa Mesa. We loved our friends there...great community.

What kind of girls were you in high school?
We were always up to something. We had a lot of friends, we got along with everybody.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
We hit the gym...we're into fitness! Family is important to us so we spend a lot of time with them. We also go out with friends as well.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
We see ourselves out there definitely hosting a TV show. Most likely anything in the entertainment field.

What kind of music do you like?
We like everything. House, hip hop, and being Latin, salsa and meringue.

Where's one place you'd like to visit?
We like to go to Jamaica, Brazil, and Italy. Anywhere in the tropics is wonderful.

What would be your favorite food?
We love sushi. But of course we love Mexican food!

What is the most favorite part of your body and the least favorite?
Our favorite is our eyes. A lot of people tell us they like our eye color. Our least between us is thighs and butt. We want to work them more.

What's your biggest turn on and turn off in a guy?
We love confidence but not too cocky. Our turn off is being too needy.

Are you currently single?
We're single. We believe that when it comes it comes.

What type of guys do you go for?
We don't really have a type. As long as they have charm and charisma.

Does size matter?
Duh...size does matter!

What would you do to put your man in the mood?
Sexy lingerie and cooking for them.

What puts you in the mood?'s very powerful.

What would be the kinkiest thing you ever done?
(Christina) Skinny dipping at 2am at a pool. (Crystal) Nothing for me yet.

Pamela - hot new models

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Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 110 lbs

Measurements: 34-23-34

Shoe size: 8

Hair color: Blonde

Hair length: Long

Eye color: Blue

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Skin color: Brown

Experience: Experienced

Compensation: Depends on Assignment

Shoot nudes? Yes

About me
My Name is pamela...I go by Pam by most people.Im an experienced model, who model's these day's at a slower pace than most.I do not schedule shoots more than twice a month.I like to put alot of thought and planning into each shoot, including having my mua available, and styles planned well in advance.There is also a special pre shoot diet that I stick to one week prior to a shoot.Im older and accomplished most of my goals and Im not at all driven to be the next top model .... I have found this industry at times to be very superficial and I have to remind myself to stay sweet and humble.The humble is easy but the sweet is hard at times because of my outspoken nature....just being honest.I love to have my image made into something more than just an ordinary picture.If you fill that bill then send me a word.I return all comments too.I dont play favorites I love the place Im at in life and I like who I am....also I wont add you to my friends if you havent been a familiar face at my port house at least once...Also please dont just show up out of nowhere like some stranger asking me what Im doing?? If you contact me keep it professional.

Nina Carla - hot modfx models yum

Nina Carla - SEE hot pictures and video sexy modfx models
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CJ Miles and Nina Carla - hot sexy modfx models

Nina Carla

toplessTell us your name, where you're from, and your birthsign.
My name is Nina Carla, I'm from San Francisco, CA and I'm a Virgo.

How did you get your start in modeling?
I started taking pictures with my cousin's friend and one thing led to another. From there I started doing more shoots.

Did you always want to be a model?
A part of me wanted to be in the entertainment business, but I was a small and petite Filipina not sure where I would fit in. It became my New Year's resolution to get serious into modeling, and it's been fun ever since.

What would be your biggest accomplishment in modeling?
Just being able to be comfortable with my body then I used to be.

Were you ever insecure at all?
Well when you're young and not sure about your body, you know your flaws. But when you grow up you learn to like who you are.

What's the most favorite part of your body?
My favorite would be my booty and my abs. I try not to eat too much chocolate!

Do you workout?
Yes I do. I try to so I can eat all the food I can.

What's your favorite food?
I love fried foods. Fried chicken and french tastes good with ranch dressing.

Can you cook?
I can cook pasta. I'm learning to cook Thai food right now.

Do you have any pets?
Yes I have a dog. Her name is Zia, she's a little mutt and she's my baby!

What's your ethnic background?
I'm Filipina and Spanish.

Are you in school right now?
Yes I am. I'll be graduating in Spring 2008 and I'll be attaining my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology.

Are you single?
I'm single... isn't it sad? But I have my dog, she keeps me company.

What kind of guys are you into?
I want a guy with a personality and sense of humor. That's definitely priceless. I like shy guys since they're kind of mysterious. Makes you wonder what's goin' on in their heads. That attracts me!

What puts you in a romantic mood?
Romantic music! That puts me in any mood you want me to be.

What kind of music do you listen to?
I like R&B and Hip Hop. I'm starting to listen to Rock and Alternative now.

What's your favorite drink?
I like girly drinks like Malibu pineapple.

Do you get crazy when you get drunk?
I'm more chill and laid back actually. I don't want to get drunk for the purpose of getting wasted.

What three words best describe you?
Fun, loving, and caring.

When someone first meets you, what do they notice?
Other than my boobs? My smile! Ha ha!

What do you do in your spare time?
I love watching movies, in the theater and at home relaxing with snacks. I love Blockbuster nights.

Do you go clubbing a lot?
I only go to clubs when I'm Go Go dancing. Other than that, I really just like to chill.

Who's your favorite actress and actor?
Jessica Alba, she's hot! She would be one of the girls that would make me turn lesbian! My favorite actors are Leonardo Di Caprio and Edward Norton.

Regina JoStarr - this girls Hot!

Regina JoStarr - modfx model - this girls hot! Mdfx models
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Regina JoStarr

hot assIntroducing Regina JoStarr, our May 2008 modFX Cover Model. This Latin beauty is a feast for the eyes! She's been featured in Low Rider Magazine and now, you can see more of her on her new website at Want to learn more about Regina? Read her modFX interview below:


Let's start by telling us your name and where you're from.
My name is Regina JoStarr and I'm from the Inland Empire.

What is your ethnicity?
I'm Hispanic.

How did you get your start in modeling?
My friend introduced me to a photographer who took some shots of me. It just continued on from there.

How long have you been modeling now?
For 7 months now.

Did you always want to be a model?
Yes. When I was young, my mother would take me to castings. I stopped for awhile. Now I'm going back on my own and doing a lot more.

What are your biggest accomplishments in modeling so far?
So far I have a 6 page spread in LowRider Magazine for April. I'm also appearing in their calendar as well.

What are your future goals in modeling?
I hope to be successful in everything I do and to have more exposure out there in the industry.

What kind of girl were you in high school?
I was a popular girl! Haha! I had a lot of friends, my senior high was the best time!

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I do dance classes and makeup on the side.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?
I see myself as a very successful woman. Hopefully it will take me into the career of modeling.

What kind of music do you like?
I like everything about music. Hip Hop and even Jazz to name a few.

Who would be your favorite actor and actress?
My favorite actor is Denzel Washington. My favorite actress is Jessica Alba.

Where's one place you'd like to visit?
The one place I want to see is New York. I think everyone should see the Statue of Liberty!

What would be your favorite food?
I love Mexican food! I love tacos and everything else.

What is the most favorite part of your body and the least favorite?
My favorite would be my bust. And my least favorite are my calves. I wish they were more defined.

What's your biggest turn on and turn off in a guy?
My biggest turn on would be his smile. I love a nice smile! My turn off is shoes. If I don't like the shoes I won't even look up.

What guilty pleasure do you have?
Doritos and French Fries.

Are you currently single?
No I'm currently in a relationship.

What type of guys do you go for?
Tall men with dark hair and dark eyes. I'm actually into Arabic men.

What puts you in a sexy mood?
Just listening to music, watching movies and cuddling will put me in the mood.

Samantha K Kelly - hot models

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Samantha K Kelly
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Samantha K Kelly
36 years old
Las Vegas, Nevada
Samantha Kelly Mayhem #453187 Model


About me
My name is Samantha Kelly. I am a published model looking to network with Photographers, Stylists, Make-up Artists and other Models. I love to work with creative, like-minded individuals who present themselves in a professional manner yet have fun while creating amazing images!
I mainly do paid shoots. However, I will do TFP to enhance or expand portflio style. Also for magazine submissions to further exposure.

LUANA LANI hot girls of Modfx

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LUANA LANI modfx models
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LUANA LANI hot assOur favorite naughty little girl has all grown up! We first met Luana a few years ago while shooting in Hawaii. Soon after, she made her move to Los Angeles, a stark departure from the world she was used to in her native Maui. She quickly adjusted to her new life in California and immersed herself into the world of modeling. Today, Luana runs her own successful website at, which she proudly admits she updates herself, and has shot with several publications such as Mystique Magazine, Playboy, and Stuff Magazine. Learn more about Luana in her modFX interview below.

Hi Luana, tell us about yourself.
Hi, my name is Luana Lani . I'm originally from Maui, Hawaii, and now currently living in Los Angeles.

It's been a while since our last photoshoot with you. What have you been up to lately?
I've been running and maintaining my website,, and I've been shooting for various glamour magazines like Playboy and Mystique Magazine. I also got a full-page feature in Stuff Magazine. Once in a while, I'll travel around and do carshows or Glamourcon appearances.

Tell us how you got started with the Internet in the first place.
Well, I got started on the whole Internet thing when I was 16 years old, and that was because I was always getting grounded by my dad. So whenever I was stuck at home, I had a lot of time to go on the Internet. I started up my own Yahoo group at the time and took all my own pictures for it. Then it was off and on for a couple years during high school, but I picked up modeling again when I turned 18 and have been going full at it since then.

You went to Europe recently for the first time. How was that?
I became really good friends with a girl I met at one of my Mystique Magazine shoots, and she's from London. So over the summer, I made a trip over there to hang out with her. It was so much fun! It was cool because she showed me the city outside of all the tourist stuff, so I got to see where all the locals hung out. I love London, and I'm going back again for Christmas.

So is there a place you haven't been to yet that you'd really like to visit?
The one place that I'd really like to visit is Tokyo. I love big cities and experiencing new cultures.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years, I see myself pursuing a career in photography. I'd really like to shoot naked women and run my own website featuring naked girls! I'd definitely still be living here in California.

Have you ever bumped into one of your fans in public?
I've actually been spotted in public by some of my fans. Nobody has ever come up to me to ask me if I'm Luana, but I'll always get an email later asking me if I was at a certain gas station or store or something like that.

What do you do in your spare time?
In my spare time, I like to hang out with my friends, go to museums, movies, shop... just hang out and fun!

Three words to describe yourself.
The three words I would use to describe myself would be smart, sweet, and sexy!