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Abbie Ratay - hot sexy videos

Abbie Ratay - hot Asian models

Hot Abbie Ratay - nothing better than this hot sexy model from modfx than her videos. Laced with hip music and her hot sexy body - awsome.

These videos are the hotest sexiest videos set to music tracks. Nothing better than snoop dogg and abbie... You see me looking at you ...

Here’s the lowdown on Asian model hottie Abbie Ratay. She’s a Korean model, works as a gogo dancer as well as bartending, goes out to party, and has been on a bunch of car shows and magazines. Sounds like a busy life to me! Make sure you scheduled some time in your calendar for me, Abbie! This video above features a hot Asian girl Abbie Ratay who sports a hot tattoo on her left midriff. You can tell this asian model definitely works out because she is fit as hell. Got those abs working for her and they're doing her real good.. they're like washboard abs. She also has another tattoo on the back of her hips. It's not a very big tattoo, it's actually an asian character. I love the ones when asian girls wear like a big fat design cuz it just means they want it real bad.

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Abbie Ratay
asian models

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