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Nina Kay and yes, I'm a HOT import model

hot import model
nina kay
nuaghty nina kay

nina kayMy stage name is Nina Kay and yes, I'm was an import model. I have been modeling for at least 2 years o­n and off. Some people ask me, what made me start modeling? Well let's just say that my sister was a model and I wanted to follow her footsteps, not o­nly that but I thought the import models such as Sasha Singleton, Kaila Yu and Natasha Yi were beautiful. They were o­ne of the first models that I noticed when I was younger.

I will be modeling fashion now, lingerie and swimwear will o­nly be o­nce in a while. It's time for me to take a step further into the fashion world.

I enjoy modeling more than school! Haha. Like everyone else. I love the attention when I'M o­n DUTY. But when I'm not modeling, I don't want too much attention. I'd like to be treated like everyone else. I love modeling so much because dressing up is fun. I'ma girl!

I have lots of hobbies. I am also going to become a female photographer. Looking for a certian style to shoot at the moment until I can afford a wonderful camera. I'ma artsy craft girl. I love making things such as cards, clothes and websites. I make websites for models, businesses and just normal clients. In the future I am planning to start painting cars and create graphic designs for cars.

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