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Kayla Collins - Hot Playboy Models

Kayla Collins - hot playboy model - see video belowwomen hot
Kayla Collins topless
hot playboy models

Kayla Collins

Kayla Collins
Glamour models
Playboy model

Ever Since I was young I have had a great interest in modeling. I started doing small modeling jobs when I was young, including ads for friendship bracelets and clothing decals. For a few years, I stopped modeling and took acting, voice, and dance lessons at a theatre academy (same theatre academy that country singer Taylor Swift attended). I also danced seperately at a studio for 11 years of my life! It wasn't until I was 18 that I started to pursue modeling again, but in a slightly different direction.

Holly Madison, Hugh Hefner's #1 girlfriend, discovered me on myspace when I was 18, and asked if I'd be interested in testing for Playboy. I was a bit reluctant, so for about 2 years, I never followed through and went out to California for a test shoot. Finally in September 2007, I told Holly I'd be out visiting some friends in California. She told me to stop by the studip, and my life has drastically changed since then! The Girls Next Door, which airs on E! taped my entire experience being out in California, testing for Playboy, and visiting the Playboy Mansion.

The whirlwind experience I have had since September 2007 has relocated me to Orange County, CA where I will continue to advance my modeling career and start a new life out in Sunny California!
now,I am PLAYBOY'S PLAYMATE, MISS AUGUST 2008!!! woohoo!

Any more information on me you can find on

Also, anyone interested in shooting TFP with me must be prepared to give me details upfront of how many edited photos I will receive, what rights I will have to the images, location, wardrobe, etc.
I am willing to consider TFP work, however I will be VERY SELECTIVE on all TFP work. Please do not hesitate to ask, if I like your work I will most likely work with you!

If you are looking to book me, please contact me with all of the details upfront! That is, what the pay rate will be, what will be asked of me, if travel is included, and how much time it will take.

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