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Playboys beautiful girls - Teri Harrison

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Teri Harrison was an American model and actress who was born in Bradenton, Florida on February 16, 1981. The daughter of a German father and a Japanese mother, she was a girlfriend to Hugh Hefner, and the last Playboy Playmate to appear both on the cover and as the centerfold. At five-foot seven-inches and 114 pounds, she appeared in the October 2002 Playboy, the November 2002 Spanish edition, and she shared the cover for the fall Playboy catalog. A natural blonde with Hazel eyes, she was a special favorite of the magazine and fans.

playboy model picsAlong with her older sister, Teri and her family moved around when she was younger, but in 1998 she graduated from high school before going on to Community College in Orlando. An academic life was not in the works for Teri, and she spent her first years out of school changing from job to job. Dreaming of the success and fortune of celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Teri and a girlfriend sent pictures of themselvs to the Playboy offices, not really expecting any results. To their surprise, Playboy responded positively, and it wasn't long before Teri's first series of photo shoots, an event she had to keep secret from many family members. Teri later moved to Los Angeles and soon had received successful guest appearances on television along with Jimmy Kimmel. She later worked as a co-host on a football preview show on ABC. A fitness enthusiast, Teri likes to run and keep in shape in the gym, spending some of her free time learning to play guitar.

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