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Destiny Davis - playboys beautiful girls

Destiny Davis - Playboys Beautiful girls
Playboy know how to pick the best hottest girls around. these girls pics are deliciose.Destiny Davis assgirls pics toplessDestiny Davis toplessbeautiful girls pics

Destiny DavisIs Destiny your real name? Yes.

Are you a stripper? NO!

Can I pay you to have dinner with me? No, I am not an escort.

What is it like living in Las Vegas? It’s crazy.

What’s the best place to go in Vegas? The Bank, its the newest nightclub in Vegas, located inside the Bellagio, its soooooo sick.. Hot people are everywhere, its like fantasy land, if you wanna come email me,

I really want to be a Playmate, how can I go about this? If you go to Playboy.Com they have all the information listed there. Good luck!

Can we meet? If you ever come to an appearance or signing that I am at, yes. Otherwise come to The Bank and see me, its so tight, im not there all the time cos traveling, but when im in vegas, im there! The internet is a scary place, so everyone can understand why this would be the case.

I am interested in being a model, how did you get started? I started modeling by doing little jobs here and there in ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Las Vegas; you know conventions, small shoots, party hosting, etc. I met Playmate Angela Melini and she submitted me to Playboy when I was 18 years old… The rest is history. Luv u gurl!!!

Any advice? Whatever you do, please, please, please be careful. It can be really dangerous and uncomfortable, always work with professionals and no matter what you do STAY AWAY, (STRANGER DANGER) from those, ’I can make you a star…if…or I can get you into Playboy…’ kind of guys. Once you get started you will notice it seems like every guy you meet is a photographer, agent, manager and the like, make sure you check it out. The internet is a great source of information, try a google search. Ask any girlfriends if they know of this person and always bring someone with you. You can always pick out the creeps because for example if you set up a shoot and then say ok well I am going to bring security with me, then suddenly the ’photographer’ gets fidgety or says to the effect of well I think you will do better if its just us, or that could be a distraction, or its ok I HAVE my own security. Do yourself a favor and lose that phone number! Bring your brother, boyfriend, mace whatever you can do to make sure you are safe to any and all shoots. There are so many WONDERFUL and super professional photographers, agents and managers out there who are respectful, talented, nice and professional – don’t get caught up with perverts. Stay away from the drugs and don’t ever think that you have to have sex or engage in sexual activities to get anywhere, if you have what it takes you can become whatever your heart desires without having to ’take care of someone’. It’s much more admirable to have worked two jobs and finally made it into Playboy after several submissions, than tryin to skank your way into Hollywood (chances are that way wont even work). Remember that you are beautiful no matter what anyone says and although it is hard (believe me I know) try not to take comments and criticism personally, it seems like you are always too fat or too skinny, too tall or too short and everything about you is just awful and ugly, ladies that is NOT TRUE. Keep your head up. And girls, be nice to each other, there are too many triflin haters out there that just need to chill – don’t be like that.

What’s you favorite color? Pink and black – equally. I like them together.

What’s your favorite food? Cheese pizza with ranch dressing

If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Chicago with out a doubt, it’s my favorite city in the world.

What do you do for fun? Nothing really, I am too busy for fun – one day I am going to tear it up tho! Haha.

Will you go out with me? Ya never know... haha ;-) J

What is your favorite tv show? Mad Money n Girls Next Door

Who is your favorite TV person? Maria Bartoromo

What would you do if you had 10 million $? I would buy all the houses on a tight ass street and give them to my family so we can all be close! My mom gets the biggest one, of course.

Do you have pets? Yes, two dogs. A Newfoundland named Shelby, 6yrs and a German Shephard named John Wayne who is 6 months.

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