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Miss Genna

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Beautiful girl - Miss genna
How did this beautiful girls get started in modeling?

beautiful girlsI started modeling when I was little for Nordstrom Kids. When I got older they said I was too petite to pull-off modeling the junior line, so I stopped. Through high school I was in front of the camera a lot, being in musicals, a cheerleader, and being in the choir, so I knew I was photogenic. When my boyfriend bought his car, he decided he wanted to show it, and he brought me with him to his first show which was VIP Auto Fashion/HIN LA combined. I was asked to model on some motorcycles, and it all blew up from there...I realized this was something I really wanted to pursue. So my boyfriend bought me a domain name and made me a website, now while his car is in the shows, I'm in booths signing my pictures, taking photos with fans, and participating in bikini contests.

What do you like most about being a model in the industry?

I love feeling appreciated, adored, and "famous". It's nice to know that I've made an impact on so many people...and when someone recognizes me and is excited to be in a picture with me, it makes it all worth-while.

What do you like the least?

There isn't really anything I DON'T like about being a model for the car-scene. I love every minute of it. I will say that there is some tough competition, which isn't a bad thing - there are so many beautiful girls out there so I'm honored to be recognized.

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