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Tell us your name, your sign and where you're from.
I'm Spencer Scott, Miss October 2007 Playboy Playmate. I'm an Aries and I'm from Atlanta, Georgia.

How did you became the Miss October 2007 Playmate?
I sent my pictures and came in to test. They liked me and began to shoot right away. It took 3 weeks for me to find out I made it into the magazine.

Did you model beforehand?
I did a few years of bikini modeling before.

What was it like posing nude for the first time?
I had no problem with it. Everyone was very professional. Shooting for Playboy was the first stepping stone for me.

Tell us where you grew up.
I grew up in the south in Georgia. It was a small town near Atlanta. But L.A. is great, I moved here a few months ago and I love it. I can never move back!

Did you always want to be a model?
I always wanted to model and make money here. You can't make much in Georgia as a model. It's always been a passion of mine to model.

If you weren't modeling, what would you be doing right now?
I'd probably be in college right now.

Did your family and friends know you became Playmate?
They all didn't know I was doing Playboy, and they only found out when the issue was on the stands. Everyone was supportive. I felt like a little celebrity in Georgia.

What type of guys are you interested in?
I don't really have a type. As long as they keep me interested like make me laugh. You have to work for it.

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