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Angelica Carrera - Sexy Hot Model

What is your ethnicity?
My ethnicity is Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Hawaiian. And I have a little Italian in me.
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How did you get your start in modeling?
I got my start in modeling right out of high school. I use to do it when I was little but never took it seriously, I've been professionally dancing all my life. Two years after high school I was on the Golden State Warriors team where we'd shoot for posters and calendars and we shot with a pretty good photographer and he got me started in modeling and now I love it.

How long have you been modeling now?
I've been modeling for about four years now.

sexy girlsWhat would be your future goals in modeling?My future goals in modeling, I would like to get published in a few magazines. Basically get my name out there.

Tell us about where you grew up?
I grew up in the Bay area. I was actually born in Fremont and went to high school in Union City at James Logan H.S. All my life I lived there, so I wanted to move out to L.A. right out of high school and my mom wouldn't let me since I'm the only girl. So, I saved up enough money and said, "Bye mom!"

What kind of girl where you in highschool?
I won Homecoming Queen. I loved going to dances but I'd get kicked out of them five minutes into them. I was always getting kicked out of dances. I was fun, I hung out with every group in school.

hot ass What do you do on your spare time?
In my spare time I'm usually at the gym doing squats. Or walking, I like to walk. If I'm not doing that I'm either reading or I love eating.

What is you favorite food?
My favorite food, I don't think you want to ask me that. I have a lot of favorite foods. I love ravioli, fettuccini chicken alfredo. All types of Latin food. Puerto Rican rice. I love food. I love junk food. I need to start not eating junk food. I wouldn't have to work out so hard, but I love it!

Can you cook?
Yes, I actually can cook. I didn't know that till about two years ago when I started cooking for my boyfriend. I'm pretty good at cooking.

hot girlsWhere would be one place you would like to visit?One place I would like to visit would be Puerto Rico or Europe. Or both.

What is the most favorite part of your body and your least favorite?
My least favorite part of my body would be, I don't know. I work so hard at the gym, I try to fix every bad part. My favorite part of my body would probably have to be my eyes, or my butt and my legs aren't too bad either.

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