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Malloy Martini Hot picMalloy Martini

WIth a glowing personality and a sexy flair about her, Malloy Malloy Martini is one of those girls you just can't get your mind off of. You can learn more about this Alabama beauty below, and be sure to check out her new website,!

Let's start by telling us your name and where you're from.
My name is Malloy Martini and I'm from Birmingham, AL.

What is your ethnicity?
I'm Irish and German, so I eat a lot of sausage and drink a lot of alcohol!

How did you get your start in modeling?
I started in a pageant. In Alabama everyone puts their kids in pageants! From there my next transition was to be naked, and here I am now.

What was it like posing nude for the first time?
I was comfortable. I'm naturally an exhibitionist and I was shooting with someone I was cool with.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
If I'm not editing or dancing around the living room with my roomates, I'm playing online video games or reading comic books. I'm a huge nerd!

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I would later relocate to Las Vegas. I see myself just working on my website and eventually going to college to set myself up for the future after the glamorous life I'm living now.

What is the most favorite part of your body and the least favorite?
My favorite part would be my brain, because people think "pretty" means "dumb", so it's not true. My least favorite would be my legs because they're short.

What's your biggest turn on and turn off in a guy?
My biggest turn on would be a guy that smells amazing. He has to make me laugh hard! My turn off would be bad hygiene, overly possessive, and doesn't appreciate a nerdy girl.

What guilty pleasure do you have?
That would be gaming and cleaning out my closet.

What type of guys do you go for?
I like the ones that are cool, confident and nerdy. They have to show me new things so I can learn from them.

Does size matter?
I'd like to lie and say that size doesn't matter, but you either have size or at least have the motion right. You have to have something to bring to the table.

What puts you in a sexy mood?
After a photoshoot from being sexy in front of the camera all day!

What would you do to put your man in the mood?
I would have the lights dim and I would wear something really sexy. It pretty much just goes on from there.

What would be the kinkiest thing you ever done?
There's actually a list, but I'd say the most was having sex in the Botanical Gardens on a weekend when most people came...didn't know that!

Would you ever be in a threesome?
I have been in a threesome. It's good when everyone is into it. I think men and women have different rhythms so there's a different flow.

Where is the craziest place you ever had sex?
That would be in my parent's bedroom...that was the scariest! I was nervous my mom would come home.

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